Halloween Mug Bundle

Buy three mugs and get the Maraschino Cherry Syrup OR Grenadine Syrup for FREE!!!

Suffering Bastard Mug: Originally called “Mai Tai Joe”, this poor guy looks like he had a bit too much fun at last night’s luau.

Skull Mug: Ahoy, me hearties! The infamous pirate Blackbeard was said to favor a “cocktail” of rum and gunpowder which he lit aflame before drinking. This Trader Vic’s Skull Mug serves as the vessel for our Black Stripe cocktail, which we set on fire as a nod to the old scallywag, as well as Trader Vic’s Hot Buttered Rum, a warming concoction for those chilly nights at sea. A perfect gift for any pirate worth their salt.

Head Hunter Mug: Mind your heads! Headhunting has its roots in many countries across the globe as a ceremonial practice. Some believed the head contained a “life force” which could be harnessed. Let Trader Vic’s Head Hunter mug give you the life force you need when filled with your favorite hot beverage.

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