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Mai Tai Coffee

Trader Vic's and Happy Joe have a lot in common. We are both family owned, and passionate about quality. We've sourced the best ingredients from around the world to ensure our products are second to none.

Medium Roast
10oz Bag
Approx. 18 servings
*Based on 15g ground coffee per 8oz of water

Acid: Medium-Low

Body: Full

Flavor Profile: Trader Vic’s X Happy Joe’s Mai Tai coffee will have you saying Aloha! Using the perfect blend of rich chocolatey coffee, we’ve infused it with the actual ingredients used to make Trader Vic's Original Mai Tai (without the rum, unfortunately). Each cup of coffee is citrusy, sweet and delicious! It’s the perfect coffee to sip on all summer long, and will have you dreaming of Tiki Bars, exotic beaches and palm trees.